a variety of our menu items on a jade green table

Black Pepper Prawn   29

Pollo Ala Brasa (GF)   25

1/2 chicken in 24 hr dry brine cooked over wood fire

served with fries 
spicy aji sauce 

Mapo Tofu (VG)   13

wok cooked tofu and OmniPork Ground in fermented bean sauce with Szechuan peppercorn, garlic, scallion

Braised Spare Ribs   21

Chifa SPG Sauce (VG)   

Dan Dan Mian (VG)   15

fresh noodles with spicy Szechaun sesame sauce tossed with pickled radish 

Steamed Rice (VG) (GF)   5

Seasonal Vegetable   13

wok tossed fresh Chinese market vegetable

add Butcher Girls' cured lap cheung +5 

Popo's Wellness Soup (GF)   8

Popo reads the weather to create a delicious and hearty broth that nourishes your body 

Garlic Rice (VG) (GF)   7

steamed rice with confit garlic

serrano chili and garlic in aged soy sauce

2 oz. $2/4oz. jar $4

Brûlée Char Siu   17

Traditional Zongzi   13

Chinese Fries (VG)(GF)   9

Vegan Zongzi (VG) (GF)   11

head on prawn wok tossed with sweet and spicy black pepper sauce  

caramelized in soy sauce, shaoxing wine, golden sugar, ginger, garlic

wood fired pork toro marinated in house made

Chinese BBQ sauce

Anticucho (GF)   15

Peruvian street style skewered beef heart with cilantro & serrano chili sauce 

French Press Coffee


kabocha squash red bean, green bean,

lotus nut, white bean, shitake mushroom, ginkgo in white and black sticky rice

with lap cheung, pork belly, shiitake mushroom, duck egg yolk, wrapped in bamboo leaf

double fried, seasoned with salt, white pepper,

scallions, and serrano chili 

Silk and Jade Pot Tea

Counter Culture blend 5 / single origin 6

 jade oolong (cooling green)   8

 silk oolong (all-day)   8

amber oolong (warming black tea)   12

ginger elixir (caffeine free naturally sweet)   8

Si Yao Chicken   27

1/2 free-ranged chicken poached in Popo's  fragrant aged soy sauce 
garlic steamed rice 

Lomo Saltado   29

Filet Mignon, wood grilled and sautéed with cherry tomatoes and onions

served over fries


The Qi Whole Flower Tea

Black Sesame Cheesecake Tart   7

smooth black sesame cream cheese Chinese almond cookie crust

royal chrysanthemum, blue lotus,

shangri la rose   6

Tong Ling Cha

hand pulled lemon iced tea   4

Lai Cha Float   7

house made hot Hong Kong style milk tea scoop of McConnell's sweet cream ice cream

Lai Cha

hand pulled Hong Kong style milk tea   5


Chicha Morada

Tiradito  33

Fresh Japanese sea bream chilled in a peppery orange and lime sauce. Hint of garlic and yellow chili topped with salsa criolla, sweet potato, and toasted Peruvian corn

Alfajores   9

peruvian shortbread cookie with dulce de leche filling dusted with powdered sugar

peruvian purple corn brewed with pineapple  7


Mexican Coke / Inca Kola  4

Fever-Tree ginger beer  5

Kimino Yuzu or Ume 6

(VG) Vegan       (GF) Gluten Free   

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase

your risk of foodborne illness

Parties of 6 or more, 25% gratuity charge.

Flouring LA Taro Coconut Cake Bar   11

decadent taro butter cake with toasted coconut Italian cream

Silk & Jade Pineapple Cake

handcrafted freshly baked Taiwanese pineapple cake

$6 1 cake/$45 box (8 cakes)

YoYo Good4u   9

Pandan Tofu Pudding  (VG)   9

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